Some Interesting Facts about Roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular games in the casino industry. It is considered one of the classic casino games and has a rich history that goes back for over 200 years with the first version similar to modern day roulette being played in 1786 in Paris.

Since its beginnings, roulette quickly became one of the most popular gambling games being associated with the very notion of gambling in popular culture for decades. And while the game has changed slightly over the years, with minor differences being found between European and American roulette for example, it still is one of the easiest and most entertaining games in any casino’s game roster. To find out more about the exact way in which the game works and how you stand the best chance of winning you should look over the How to Play Roulette – guide by Vegasmaster and learn all the ins-and-outs of the game.

Roulette is also considered one of the more elegant games in a casino. In fact, it is one of the games where consumption of beverages, alcoholic or not, is considered rude. So if you want to appear like a professional or at least someone who is no stranger to the high-quality casino environment then you should avoid drinking and gambling at the roulette table.

Despite what many gamblers may claim, there is no system or playing style that can help you beat the game. All bets are completely random with the best odds being the red or black bet.

In fact, to show how utterly random the game is, one of the other fun facts about roulette game states that just because the ball falls on a color it doesn’t mean the following time it will fall on the opposite color. The record for consecutive color results was set in a casino in Bristol and consists of the ball falling on red 36 times.