Poker and its hands

In poker, each player is given two hole cards and then as the game progresses five community cards are opened on the board for all players to see. Each player has to form a five card hand using the two hole cards and any three cards from the community card. The player with the highest combination of these cards is usually the winner. Therefore before even one learns about the rules of the game they have to be well versed with the hands of poker. You could also play Online SportsBetting Guide.

Let us today see what the hands in poker are. You could also refer to flash casino nodeposit bonus

Highest card: The card with the highest rank is your highest card. Ace is the highest of all cards followed by King double down casino games, queen, jack, ten, nine and so on till two. Pair: Two cards with same rank is called a pair. For eg: two 3’s, two 10’s, two A’s, etc.

Two Pairs: Two pair of card with different ranks. For eg: two 7’s and two Q’s, or two J’s and two K’s. Three of a kind: Three out of five cards with the same rank is called three of a kind. For eg: Three J’s, Three 7’s. Four of a Kind: Four out of five cards of same rank. For eg: Four Q’s, Four A’s

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